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Donations and Contributions to GCTYA
(Greater Central Texas Youth Association)
G.C.T.Y.A.‘s mission is to become a haven to teach and enrich the minds and bodies of young people through academics and sports. G.C.T.Y.A. is committed to the development of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Dear Potential Sponsor,

The Greater Central Texas Youth Association (GCTYA)  is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), which provides an activity rich environment aimed at elementary to high school aged girls and boys. We were incorporated in the state of Texas in 1997, and our mission is to “enrich the minds, bodies and spirits of our participants, through academics and athletics.” Our organization offers mentorship programs, tutorial assistance, opportunities to participate in community service projects, as well as an exciting basketball experience.

Your generosity makes it possible for our participants to compete against the best basketball
talent in the nation. It is an investment in more than 100 very special young people. We believe, by offering this opportunity, we provide a viable alternative to the various negative elements, which compete for the attention of our youth.

GCTYA participants learn an important lesson very early in their lives -- that hard work and ambition are an unbeatable combination. We raise funds by washing cars, working concessions, and soliciting donations from family, friends and local businesses such as yours, to attend various state and national tournaments. 100% of our funds directly support our mission to enrich the minds and bodies of our participants. Having made the commitment to forge ahead, bolstered by your support, we are confidant we will be able to continue to provide these services.

Be assured that your generous support is the foundation for the hopes and dreams of all GCTYA participants. Their future contribution to the success of their communities will make you proud you helped. While the need is so pressing and the rewards of immediate action so satisfying. I urge you to make your contribution to GCTYA as soon as you can.

Please go to www.hoopcentraltexas.com to make your donation/contributions online or you can contact

Douglas Burditt, 
Coach and Athletic Director

                          **All gifts to GCTYA are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.